JMI sponsored John Moriarty Reading Group

In July 2020, the JMI organized a ‘John Moriarty Reading Group’ to create a space where several faculty from Sacred Heart University could engage with and learn from some Irish experts, both relatives, friends and scholars of John Moriarty. While this was established during the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of Zoom engagement has allowed folks from different time zones in the Americans (Mexico, USA, Canada) and Ireland to find a mutual time. Initially the discussions were at an introductory level, and over time they have moved to a deeper engagement with the nuances and more complex aspects of Moriarty’s works. The Reading Group will continue, and it has limited the number by invitation, within the limits of a successful Zoom audience, however, it is interested in some new members who have spent considerable amount of time engaging with Moriarty. To date there are about 30 members.