The purpose of this heading–John Moriarty–is to raise awareness of the importance of John Moriarty with some reflections by some authors who have publications about him.

The other headings–Ecology, Spirituality, and Story & Language–are designed under a number of sub-headings to highlight some of the key areas that are important. They are designed to allow John Moriarty to speak “as he expressed it” with primarily key quotations from his works.

Throughout this web site the authors are convinced that the best way to understand the ideas and challenges of John Moriarty is to hear from him in his own words. Thus, in addition to short introductions, the intend is to allow the reader to see a certain idea or principle, read several quotations from Moriarty’s list of publications and writings, and begin to interpret these for themselves. This is not to say that his writings can be interpreted in any way, but with an understanding that there exists a hermeneutical boundary, Moriarty’s sometimes very dense statements can yield a richness when the reader struggles to engage with the passages.

The many quotations on this web site, especially under the headings Ecology and Spirituality, refer to his texts with some abbreviations. See the heading Books, under the main heading Resources, on this page that indicates the abbreviation for a particular book.

“The only philosophical words you need are wonder and wonder and again wonder”

John Moriarty