John Moriarty frames his journey to understand reality within a fundamental belief that the universe was created by God. His ‘spirituality’ embraces both the ancient Christian tradition as well as a contemporary global spirituality that is aware of a variety of ways to understand the divine as both transcendent [God is above and beyond creation] and immanent [God is in nature and history in ordinary and dramatic ways] in the world. One of the fundamental statements that speaks to this sense of the divine and creation is stated as:

“Out there today the universe is a shimmer of God within God and it would only take   one small lap of water to dissolve it all back into God.” (Serious Sounds, 9)

There are a multitude of ways to understand what was central to Moriarty’s spirituality. In this section some of the most fundamental elements that inform his spirituality are headings: A Sheltering Ontology and Mythology, The Mystical Journey, Serious Sounds, and Slí na Fírinne.

“ There is only one world but there are visionary and everyday ways of seeing it.”

John Moriarty